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The best algorithm to cover all that would be TremoloPan.  Set the rate in SPEED, with a square SHAPE.  DEPTH & WIDTH to maximum.  Secondary MOD SOURCE to ENV; SENSITIVITY to taste.  As far as bringing it to a full stop, you’d have to experiment with 10X slower [SLOW / FAST toggle], and adjust your initial SPEED value.

The Harmadillo algorithm might be more straightforward, with an integrated ENV RATE setting.  X-OVER to 12,000 Hz. for a standard tremolo.  But you’re going to lose the WIDTH (panning).  I suppose you could fake a tremolo with staccato input and a couple of panning delay taps [for example, UltraTap].  Adjust the SPREAD for a slow-down effect.

If you get stuck, I may be able to post a few starter example.