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how many H90 pedals will the control app handle this time?

Presently, the desktop app will only control one H90 at a time.

Will the control app manage both H9 and H90, or do I need two iPad’s with different apps if I have both pedals?

Currently, H90 Control is desktop only. No iOS app available, but it’s coming. No timetable yet.

does the iOS bluetooth limit only apply to identical devices, or do I get another three bluetooth device so I could run three H9’s and three H90’s from the same iPad?

Again, TBD. There is no plan to make H90 Control compatible with H9 at the moment.

can you control the entire algorithm on the pedal easily without the app? I *don’t* want to use a computer, tablet, or a phone as part of my performance if I don’t have too. that would be a great reason for me to upgrade all my H9’s to H90’s. I hate having a computer around. period. thanks!

Without a doubt 100% you can control the pedal without the app. We designed it to be easy.