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They said in todays livestream they’re working on the new algos for the H9000. That being said it would have been nice to pitch us these first if they were in development. Even make it a beta so no one can complain if things were a little off about them. The H9000 is the flagship, it really should have new algorithms first, at least in the H line of products. I guess the fact it’s 8 times the price of the h90, there isn’t much motivation for that market to bump up to the flagship processor. Even if it has 10 new algorithms. Leaves the 9000 feeling a little moldy. I’m sure we will get some love soon.


Yeah, as an H9000 owner, this is a little concerning. I’m hoping they will release the new algos to the H9000 soon. But like you said, I’m a little confused at why they didn’t release these for the H9000 first, since it’s their flagship.