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Hello epicesquire, and welcome to the Eventide family! The short answer to your question is it depends on the algorithm. Here’s a fact – each algorithm can only run one preset; however, within an Eventide algorithm there could be many processes – many effects – going on at once. For example, many of the reverb algorithms feature a modulation component and EQ/tone controls, just like some delays. There are even reverbs that have an echo component on top of reverb. One of my favorite algorithms, SpaceTime, is really three effects in one – modulation, dual vintage delay, and plate reverb. Another Eventide monster algorithm is PitchFuzz that features fuzz distortion, three voice chromatic harmonies and dual delay. So you see, even though we get two algorithms with a preset each, depending on the one you choose, you’re getting much more than just one “effect” at a time.