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Thank you for that explanation So, does that mean I cannot create my own algorithms?


For example, if i wanted a chorus, delay, pitch shifter and reverb chain, would I need to find an algorithm that already contained those and then edit it?


Would I be able to change the types of each effect within the algorithm?

Not in the traditional sense. But, there are algorithms that have multiple effect styles in them that you can choose from. For example, the Phaser algorithm features five different types of phasing to choose from. In other words, we may only work within the architecture of the chosen algorithm.

I guess I am thinking of this unit in the wrong way as I thought it was more like a traditional multi-FX pedal where I could create my own presets from scratch picking and choosing each effect

You have the option of picking two algorithms to work together and editing them. Eventide effects are deep and that’s what makes you sound unique compared to others that use simpler, traditional effects.