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“Also an FX sequencer would have been a nice development, to make it (even more) attractive.” or a CV input or two would be cool.

0 – +5VDC on the two expression pedal inputs.

As I understand it, an LFO is on the FR list already (including from the developers).  I would think it would have to be global, and two of them to fit the paradigm [A & B presets].  When you think about it, a sequencer, LFO, & envelope are variations on the same theme.

Bonus points for a loadable .wav format, or at least a large selection of waveforms.  One-shot mode, X number of repeats, and step quantization (with glide).  Super bonus points for CC output over MIDI.  Superlative bonus points for a quadrature LFO (or two).  I realize this all sounds esoteric, but something like the H90 screams for this kind of next-level parameter.

I believe that type of feature would place it a magnitude or two above most of what’s currently out there.  Regardless, congrats to ET on an already killer device & rollout.  Definitely outside the box thinking at play here.