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Eventide Staff

Thanks for writing and glad you are enjoying the unit.

I realize this isn’t quite what you are asking for, but with the current functionality of the unit, you can kind of ‘cheat’ the number of notes limitation by first creating your tone row in a scale that has a sufficient number of notes in the scale, and then once it begins playing you can change the scale to the one you would prefer to hear the pattern in.

In fact, if you want 256 notes, in theory you could create a scale with that many notes to start with(!). But there may be a limit (below 256) on the number of notes allowed in a scale – I’m not sure, off-hand. Anyway, this is kind of a workaround for the number of notes limitation.

Similarly, there is currently a way to hear repeated notes, though technically they wouldn’t be in the tone row. Once you are playing back your tone row, you press and hold User 4(+) and then press “0”. This creates a repetition in the ‘play sequence’.

Anyway we do have plans to expand on the sequencing capabilities, and what you are requesting has been asked of us before, so we’ll certainly keep it in mind for future.