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I second that! Brock has already blown our minds with an H9. Eventide is now blowing our minds with the H90. Just imagine what Brock will do with an H90! I can’t wait!

First off, I have to say that the shipping Factory presets are very, very, VERY good.  Best batch(es) I’ve seen, and there are a LOT of them to sort through.  And speaking of sorting, the excellent keyword / algo / list / bank sorting is something I don’t see mentioned.  Don’t think I’ve made it through all of those programs / presets yet.

My own H90 pre-grams (so far, it seems) are in a constant state of refinement.  A couple Lists-full getting smoothed out.  Byproduct of rethinking my approach and embracing that ‘power of three’ concept in the H90.  Little P, A, B symbiotic triangles of sound design & interconnected control.  But, damn, there’s some cool s*** to be had in this box.  Crazy good, and I’m still learning better ways to knit things together.

What I dread (and wildly appreciate) is loading all of my previous H9 presets into the H90.  1000s, but as fodder for further tweaking, using the superior hardware & algo refinements.  There has to be some incompatibilities between machines (extra H90 parameters ignored / unused), but that’s something I need to explore.

At times, I might sound ET fanboi-ish, but I’m truly a real fan of sound, and depth of power.  Same reason a Poly Beebo sits next to 3 H9’s (dry, two H9s in parallel, one in series, mini-mixer, under MIDI control).  And I still couldn’t pull off some of the stuff I’m doing with the H90, ITB.

All that chatter about it being “2 H9s strung together” is missing the whole concept.  It’s one thing to grasp it from the specs and manual.  Good background, but nothing like the hands-on.  Once you wrap your head around them, the process(es) flow.  I find it a logical layout, and not all that difficult to navigate.  Sure, it takes a few run-throughs, like anything with any depth, and, yes, I still forget a procedure or two at times.

I could probably write a dissertation here on the new algorithms (and H9 algo improvements), but I’ll just mention this:  The 1st studio I ever worked in had a ClockWorks Instant Phaser on the rack.  I loved that thing, and have been chasing that particular sound ever since.  To my ears (and memory recall), that exact sound lives inside the H90.

Pedal format, tabletop, Euro …I’m starting to feel like the H90 is a rack-in-a-box.  A BIG rack.