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im very interested to hear more from your view, especially on how H90 would be an improvement over multiple H9. I bought into your previous thread of running multiple H9 (3 xH9 max out) and is struggling if I should go with the H90

I’m going to try to be objective here; I’m not a salesperson.  You can do many of the same processes with 3 h9s that you can do with an H90.  For me, that involved a lot of cabling, mixing, MIDI planning.  That’s an integrated process in the H90; kind of a gestalt whole over configuration.  Program hierarchy over “H9” A & B, but that doesn’t do it justice.

Quick examples:  You can swap the algorithm stacking order in two H9s; changing presets, sometimes re-cabling.  Press a Quick Knob in the H90 to swap presets or routing.  You have 3 separate HotKnobs in the H9s.  They’re all adjacent in the H90 (plus more).    Lots of quality-of-life enhancements over separate boxes.

Nothing wrong with how the H9s sound (primary requirement).  So much more headroom & processing power in the H90.  I’ve read the specs, played the units side-by-side, … the H90 does sound subjectively ‘better, cleaner, clearer’.  That’s the primary concern for me.  Also on the H90 plus side, the original H9 algorithms sound ‘better’.  There are parameter adds on many, more control over them, and the algorithm tweaks & advanced processing are very audible.

I have to mention that the new H90-exclusive algorithms are very good; among my favorites.  Now, is that because they’re new (to me), or are they that groundbreaking?  Again, trying to be objective, somewhere in between.   They’re currently my favorite part of the H90 release, and yet much of the time I’m combining enhanced H9 algos in newer ways.  Embarrassment of riches.

It’s a chunk purchase.  I always research the death out of any major outlay before committing.  “Can I do this with what I already have?”  But if it tells you anything, I’m contemplating a 2nd H90 purchase, while rotating out a couple H9s.  Too soon to tell if that would be the best route for me to take.