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Congratulations on what looks to be an amazing update/evolution of the H9. As a current owner of a Max and 2 Cores on a couple pedalboards, and considering how to upgrade, I wanted to clarify/confirm whether the H90 offers the same “access to all algorithms for other registered pedals” for H9 core/standard pedals like the H9 Max does.

Yes, you have all of the ‘Factor / H9 algorithms already in-the-box, plus the 10 new algorithms.  As for the presets within those original 52 algorithms, there’s sorting for a list of H9-specific presets.  I don’t know that there’s all of the H9 Factory presets in there, or if it’s a curated subset.  But any preset (Factory or custom User) that you’re lacking can be imported into the H90.

It’d be a good idea to dump all of your H9 presets into a few Preset Lists, for import later on into the H90.  A chore I haven’t begun yet.