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Thanks for the insight Joe. I think I found the issue with your help. I disabled MIDI transmission to Logic to the H90 and now its working perfectly. I had to do this in Logic itself. While this may not be the most scientific diagnosis to the issue, I won’t be sending or receiving midi while using H90 control so it works for me. In case anyone has a similar issue I’ll say my specs…


Logic Pro X 10.5.1

H90 CONTROL – SW ver –

Audio Version 1.873

Panel Version M:1.415


These are the most incredible algorithms. You guys have truly smashed this. This is going everywhere with me, and im sure I’ll spend the rest of the day making my own presets.

Worth noting, John O’Mahony, (who mixes all of my music and is one of your affiliated artists I believe) tipped me off to this release and with my H90 and his H9000 I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!!