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Okay I’ve tried a couple of things, and it seems like a hardware issue of some sort.

Here’s how I connected it:

Timefactor MIDI OUT –> Space MIDI IN
Space MIDI OUT –> external-device MIDI IN


I have the Timefactor sending the MIDI clock, and the Space set to receive the clock and also send the MIDI it receives through.
My external device sets the clock correctly when I input it through the Tap Tempo on the Timefactor, but funnily enough the Space
freezes in the process. And I found out that I can unfreeze the Space when I unplug the MIDI cable from the Timefactor –> Space
connection and then the BPM is set correctly on the Space as well. At the moment the Space freezes, I cannot even use the footswitch
for bypassing it.

I can repeatedly make this happen by plugging the cable in, setting the tempo via Timefactor Tap Tempo, and unplugging the cable.