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Hello, I’m going to reply to this post of your many posts about this issue. Not sure why no one has gotten with you, but could be due to the holiday. But it’s really best practice to only post one thread involving the same issue. The main thing is to post all pertinent information that involves these firmware updates. These would be, but not limited to:

  • What device you are using to update and the OS of that device
  • Is the OS up to date with all patches and updates
  • Have all unnecessary programs closed and any unnecessary background processes stopped (especially anti-virus and firewall)
  • Have you read the manual and understand the process (page 59)
  • Have you tried a full factory system reset (page 59)
  • Make sure you have a quality working USB cable that isn’t over 6ft. And don’t use a hub (This is often the problem)
  • Follow the update procedure exactly
  • Contact Support directly (because you may have a bum EEPROM)

Also, why can’t you get the update file from the website?