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Hello! I’m sorry about my many posts, I was desperate. So, I’m really sorry!

But yes, I follow the manual to do the upgrade. My timefactor looks like is out of system. I started the update, fail in the middle and after this, my pedal just stay in update mode when I turn it up.

– Device is a windows 10 and it’s up to date with all patches and update

– Yes, I stopped the firewall and I dont have anti-virus

– About the manual and procedure: I follow exactly what It’s in the manual and I try a factory system reset.

– About my cable, I dont know, I just buy some USB cable. And I’m not using a hub.

– I sent an email to support, but i from Brazil. You told that yesterday was a holiday. Here in brazil was not a holiday, maybe its because  of that the support doesnt reply yet.


I dont know where in website I can take the update file. Can you help-me with the file?