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Here’s the link to the downloads page. What should happen is the actually file should download locally on your computer and then do a checksum of some sort to make sure it is not corrupted and then do the update from that. In full disclosure I don’t own a Time Factor, but have other Eventide gear that uses the same process. The fact that the Factory reset doesn’t work shows that either the Eventide pedals don’t have an actual separate “safe mode” boot up ROM memory and what happened with you is what is always a possibility and dreaded when doing Firmware updates. It seems like your EEPROM has been corrupted or plain broken beyond user repair. Maybe Eventide has a special way to communicate with the pedal and can get it to except the update or diagnose in another way. I know you said you need it for the weekend, but I’m sure support will get with you shortly. Also check your junk mail for return emails. I know my very popular ISP is always putting important things in my junk folder while letting actual spam make it to my inbox