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Oh no, this downloads I can do.. What happen in my timefactor is that when I use the Software “Eventide Direct Updater”, the update crash in the middle with this message that I put in the printscreen. I will put here two screenshot.. One of those is the “Installed version” i have no installed version. When i tried to update for the first time, the update crashed in the middle, so i think that my Time Factor is without system, got it? Have no firmware on it. I sent email to the support on wednesday, i really hope that they reply as soon as possible. I’m afraid that i lost my pedal.. Here on Brazil this pedal cost 2.000 BRL.. It’s a little expensive.

Yes, I understand the problem. I just posted the link to show what’s available. Yeah, the firmware failed in the middle (or beginning in your case). One of the issues with EEPROM’s is if they have such a small amount of ROM they are erased to fit the new firmware. If the flash fails the device is more or less “bricked”…”boat anchor” and if the the failure was due to the EEPROM becoming damaged in someway the only solution is a new EEPROM with proper firmware loaded on it. These devices are getting to be rather old and flash rom was much more expensive when they were first designed. Many newer devices that rely on some sort of operating system to boot up and function have a basic firmware ROM that lets you always get into the system to start from scratch. Sometimes there’s just a communication error or corrupted file that will cause a failure, but can be resolved. I have a device from another manufacturer that puts out a downloadable file and then there’s a separate utility to update. I don’t know why there is no separate file available. However, your main problem is you can’t get past go to even try and force the update. I hope someone from support gets back soon.

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