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The clarity gain for acoustic instruments of 32 pedals is marked. But even electric guitarists talk about extra ‘responsiveness’ of such pedals e.g. The gt1000 (32 bit) increase in sound quality over the gt100. There’s a good YouTube video of the sound difference between the two with the same settings that clearly demonstrates the difference in sound quality on quality speakers. The extra definition / quality is important for acoustic instruments especially if they are played gently. Electric guitars less so I feel.

Theoretically it is technically true, but I’ll take my Fractal FM3 or AxeFXIII with its 24bit/48kHz converters over a GT-1000 any day of the week and twice on Sunday. There’s so much more to the whole equation. The other thing that I always question is the fact that most everything will be down converted or digitally compressed at some point for mass consumption. If in fact the integrity can be maintained from beginning to end then it’s worth it. Admittedly it’s always best practice to get the highest quality take as possible regardless of what happens afterwards. I guess I just see these processors as performance gear and as long as the analog circuitry before and after the conversion process is up to snuff 24bit is sufficient. Or, I really wonder if the perceived 32bit difference is more placebo or some other aspect of the design of say, the gt-100 to the gt-1000. The coding of the Algorithms can make or break these types of processors. In the end it’s whatever makes you happy and want to play.