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No side-by-side access to the newer EHX or Digitech hardware; only pedals & racks from a generation or two back.  Plugin-wise, I’m calling Polyphony my Melodyne-in-a-box, if that helps any.

As for the conversation above with gas hed, yes, there is a boost with using both Pitch A & B simultaneously.  I neglected to mention that I dial back the A&B Levels to around 80-85 to gain-stage Active / Bypass.  I also like to pan each side with a tiny bit of Detune (like +/- 1c).  Out to stereo, so I haven’t mixed that down to mono for comparison.

That setup may play into why I’m not getting the ‘warble on decay’ mentioned.  That said, I do use the Inst Type as a general starting guide, like the H910 / 949 splicing options in the H9.  Final choice of Percussive or Pitched depends on the application and ears.