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Joe thank you for the reply.

The way my rig is set up is guitar going into my board through non time based effects then into the front input of main amp. Then taking the send from main amp into eventide h90 input 1 and then taking outputs 1 and 2 and going to the returns of the 2 wet amps. So I believe having kill dry on is correct?

So if it was possible I thought about taking outputs 3 and 4 and running them into 2 amps feeding two 4×12 cabs.

I was also curious if output levels can be set per output on h90 and my right wet channel does not seem to be quite as loud or maybe feel like effects fall off on the right before the left. Take the balance era effect, I feel like that delay is always lasting quite a bit longer on the left. I understand on the stereo panning effect it’s always going to end on one side but I feel like the panning delay bounces several more times of the one side. I have swapped the two wet channels and does the exact same thing. It’s just the delay repeats last longer on the right side.

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