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I haven’t used my FCB1010 with the H90 yet, but here’s something that might be contributing to your lag time, and other issues:
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Each switch on the FCB1010 is capable of sending a series of up to 5 Program Changes, 2 static CC values, a MIDI Note, and two variable CC values from the pedals (plus the 2 relays).  And each can be set to its own unique MIDI Channel.</p>
And that is x10 switches (and the 10 banks of that).  Just a thought on the potential for clogging up the MIDI pipeline, and why Omni is working when your expected MIDI Channel isn’t.

Since you can’t currently MIDI Map the H90 Programs (like you can on the PitchFactor), you’ll have to reconfigure from the FCB1010 end.  The FCB is ridiculously difficult to program onboard, and it’s easy to get lost in the process.

There are a few free editors out there that will make life much easier.  Everything at a glance; no reboots with magic switch combinations.  I’ve used the ancient Ed Dixon one;  I haven’t tried the Mountain Systems editor.

Barring that, a free MIDI Monitor is indispensable.  There are those with readouts in decimal, but many are hexadecimal only, and a few feature both.  That will help narrow down what the FCB1010 may or may not be sending.