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At first, I too found it unsettling that there was no way to set global level controls.  I thought the clipping LEDs might be broken because I hit the H90 pretty hard and they didn’t light up.  I hit the H90 harder and harder until they finally lit up.   I had to accepted it:  the headroom is so high and the noise floor is so low on the H90 that there is nothing to worry about and nothing to do.   The H90 is THAT good … right out of the box.

Same with the noise gates.  I’m not a high gain player so I don’t use them.  The last time I considered them was about 1990 and they all clicked on and off.  They were awful.

When I saw noise gates on EQCompressor and all the drive algos my instinct was to turn them all off.    But by then I realized that I had been playing with them for a week or more and never knew it.  They were sonically invisible.  I began to think Eventide knew something about this and that I should worry about something else instead.