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It’s just that these 2 programs of my Boss use the same program as H90, but I’m going to make a video using another H90 program for you to check that the same thing happens. When the H90 program has both algorithms activated, there is no problem, only when 1 of them is disabled. Thank you very much for your help

Because you saved the Program on the H90 with Preset A bypassed, it will always recall in bypass. This is why when you change sounds on the MIDI controller it recalls the Program on the H90 with preset A bypassed. The MIDI controller does not know that you have adjusted the H90 separately. So, you have a couple of choices.

1-Make another version of the same program, one with A bypassed, the other, with both activated.


2-Add a CC message to the second PC change to activate the preset that would normally be bypassed when you recall the same Program. This requires you to assign a CC# in system settings of the H90 to A act/byp.