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Can a mono loop be configured during stereo effect with h90? In this setting, the in-out is as follows:In 1/2 = Stereo SourceOut 3 = signal send (to mono effect)In 3 = signal return (from mono effect)Out 1/2 = Master output.

Yes. If a mono insert is used in a stereo signal chain, the algorithms configure themselves for mono output if placed after an algorithm. If placed before, the H90 treats it as mono in stereo out.

Also, I want to know what signals can be sent out 3 (the dry signal or after processing blocks).

Each insert has a Mix control that adjusts the balance between the H90’s signal and the loop effect at the insert point; by default, Mix is set at 100%. So the answer to your question depends on where in the signal chain the Insert is placed. If placed before any effects, you’ll be able to send dry signal. If the insert(s) appears after any algorithm, you can send that signal and adjust the mix between the insert and that algorithm’s signal.