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Thanks for the reply!

3) Choose from a list of presets to add to either section A or B

<p style=”text-align: right;”>However, this quoted part is exactly what I want to avoid. I just want to add an algorithm without having to use an existing preset. So ideally I’d like to just start a new program, select an algorithm such as Digital Delay, and then start working on it. Right now I have to select from a list of presets using that algorithm.

I think you need to change your approach to this pedal, as you are not choosing a programme but a preset, effectively adding an algo to either A or B.

If you choose a preset by doing what Brockstar says, you are adding a single algo to A, exactly the same as you would do on the H9, except it will have settings from the used preset. Understand?


You then add an algo to B from another preset. It’s very simple.