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After looking into building a Granular algorightm from the existing modules in VSIG for several years, I had personally come to the conclusion that it was going to be prohibitively difficlut to really built an effectvie grainular processor this way.   There is no doubt whatsoever that the H9K (or H90) could handle the processing.   It just strikes me that it would make a LOT more sense and make the process a whole lot more straight ahead if we had a purpose built granular delay module in VSIG that we could work with.

This would essentially be a delay with an adjustable buffer and controls to allow multiple reads from that buffer at arbitrary speeds.   From there we could build a pretty effective set of granulators, with a whole raft of different interfaces, designed for different purposes, using existing VSIG contorl modules,

Alternatively, a full granular algorithm ould be developed aroudn a module like that, with a pretty standard set of granular type controls – Typiclally:  Buffer Duration, Grain Duration,  Number of Grains Playback start point, Playback speed, Envelope shape and then ‘random’ variation on each of those controls.

I really think that having a Grain Delay module in VSIG that we can build around in VSIG would be delightful and would open up a whole new world of processing possibilites which would fit nicely with the Eventide ethos.

I’ve been lobbying for this for QUITE a while as our fine friends at Eventide HQ will attest to.  😉