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Thanks Joe,

As you say, different algorithms do it to a greater or lesser extent. It’s the gain transfer between the amps that’s most annoying.. turn one amp up and they both get louder.. makes balancing them a pain.Could there be a way to turn off signal mixing globally? I’m running wet/dry/wet with 3 different amps. Subtle differences in gain staging sound great in stereo if it’s done carefully.

I was hoping it could be done with inserts somehow, or with both available effects on parallel channels, but I guess that would need twice the processing power.

I wondered about another H90, one in each loop with one slaved to the other via midi, but I’m sure there’d be inconsistencies that wouldn’t sound good.

I was running this same system with 4 factor pedals previously and didn’t seem to have this problem, did they have independent channel processing or did I just not notice?

None of this is critical, I love the unit and I can always put the H90 in front of the amps or just run one amp clean and let the drive section of the other colour both, just trying to explore how this might be done without blending the amps together before processing.