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Ah weird! Ok here you go: link

I put in a switch to add or remove a single-sample delay in the feedback, as I wasn’t sure if the expected behavior should be to add an implicit delay for feedback loops or not. It does change the sound, but it seems like there’s already more than a sample of delay automatically inserted anyhow.

I have checked out the gen~ code export and it is awesome. The reason for wanting to do this in VSig is to have access to Eventide algorithms at the same time and also to have better control over how parameters are displayed.

I also heard there’s a raw C++ API in the works (not sure if this is still a thing). Is this something that can be made available? Would this also include the same algorithms available in VSig, or only DSP code provided by the user?

I’m mainly just trying to have access to some of the more modern techniques for analog filter modeling with saturation at the same time as having those sweet Eventide pitch shifts and reverb building blocks in the same unit. I hope that if this isn’t currently possible, it’s something that could be added one of these days!