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They already expressed that they won’t be adding H90 stuff to that page for some reason. So we talked about it over on TGP and decided to make a patchstorage place for it, but nothing has been posted yet. https://patchstorage.com/platform/eventide-h90/

That site section has been looking awfully lonely [16 followers;  0 Presets submitted], so I decided to toss one up.  Select File(s) keeps kicking back “incorrect file type”, no matter what Program or Preset I attempt.  The associated Screenshot / Image uploaded just fine.

I already had an account there [for Poly Effects Beebo], so I am familiar with the process & navigation there.  Despite *.preset90 and *pgm90 being among the Allowed File Types, I believe something might be amiss there.  WTF, I’ll just add it here.  Much of the description & details are listed in the Program Notes.

[EDIT] The attachment didn’t upload here, either.  Back to ol’ reliable DropBox.