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In my opinion modelers seem to have a little less fight to them for tracking. You may or may not like this. So there is some adjustment in approach possibly but to me it makes tracking that much easier. Fight isn’t something you can hear. That is my biggest take away. It’s still amp like when I play, but there’s less fight to get what I want out of a model.


yes an IR is a static sound in that it’s a fixed frequency and will not change by itself. Neither will your cab and mic so long as you don’t touch anything. In two notes wall of sound you can move a virtual mic around and in FAS cab block there are plenty of tone shaping tools too. There is little good reason to mic a blaring guitar cab these days other than for enjoyment. It’s the long way around.

as for the BE, the sat switch and hbe etc have either been modeled or talked about to death over on the FAS forum as to how to replicate them. Here’s a question for you:

if you can get 95% of the way to a BE100 in the FAS model but you can’t quite get the c45 switch sound the same, is that reason enough to go drop 4 grand on the head? Isn’t for me. I had the Mesa JP2C here on loan and the model held up to the amp just fine. I still own over a dozen tube amps but only because I love them, don’t need the room or money and rarely use them for much of anything.