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You make great points. Same boat here with amps. Have a Leslie 950. Can’t really say I don’t like the numerous rotary cab sims out there. However. Have you ever seen a Leslie 950? Or toasted marshmallows next to one?

i think where I need to get over it is the following.

1) The feel. You say requires less fight. I just sense latency. I’m told I’m nuts you can’t detect it in Afx3. Am I nuts?

2) I like the Friedman ASC-12 but for in the room feel it doesn’t hit the 4×12  Do you ever turn off power amp and cab sims and output to a power amp and cab for in ear feel while tracking digitally out of the AFX3?

Here’s a other curveball. Given the choice I’d rather record an actual BE-50 into an Ox or Reload, using the cab and mic sim. I’ve compared this to the modeling in the Afx3 and I’m telling myself this is pure head and power signal captured with merely a cab sim, it solves your point about micing a love room but with minimal digital creation of actual amp tone. Since a cab sim is effectively nothing more than a frequency filter, this sounds the least fake to me and preserves 100% of the amp’s feel

if I took this approach I’d keep the AxeFX as a secondary digital FX box  would I take it and the H9000 and connect them via SPDIF, then place them in the FX loop of the Friedman? Does the Friedman output the proper level +4d? I see it has a volume knob for the loop but not sure how to adjust to get the right level for the H9000 and not sure which input on AFX takes line level.