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Home Forums Products Rackmount Just got the H9000, what, if any, of my FX should I even keep? Reply To: Just got the H9000, what, if any, of my FX should I even keep?


Adding for clarification and fairness:

I don’t want to be a downer but you really aren’t getting much out of the FAS you won’t get from the H9000 if you’re only using FX

FAS has a lot of modeled stomp type FX not available in the H9000 that would be irreplaceable in front of a guitar amp. The h9000 would have alternatives but not quite the same in a variety of instances.

I get it we definitely have diff goals. I’m not a professional musician. I am a general artist with multiple mediums, music is one. I am composing, recording, and sound scaping in the process. I have very acute ears, the issue I have with amp modeling is not that it’s not good. I tried it again today, the BE amp model. The problem is that I start tweaking it to sound right into my Friedman ASC-12, and to get it to sound and feel like the real thing sitting next to me going into the Marshall 4×12. The more I tweak, the farther I get from thinking I’m anywhere and I start to wonder what I am even playing. Is it bad sounding? No, but does it sound like the thing I have in the room? No. What’s to blame? Maybe the fact that the FRFR Friedman just isn’t going to sound like the actual 4×12 cab I have, it’s not a 4×12, even if I got the IR right, it still wouldn’t sound like it. And I start fiddling with all the knobs in FAS to get more treble, because for some reason the ASC-12, sounding great as it is, sounds darker, warmer, too dry as compared to the real setup. And the more I fiddle the more I’m like what am I doing? How can I say this is the same thing it’s just not.

I realize this is all on me, I am not blaming the gear.