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Just want to add modelers aren’t designed to sound like a 412. They’re designed to sound like the result of a 412 after it comes out of the other end of a mic.

Fair point that’s been made to me before and I forget. I get confused. I mean if I send an AFX3 modeled BE-50 into a FRFR, I’m still hearing an amp in the room version of a mic’d BE-50, not a BE-50 “in the room” through an amp, even though the ASC-12 Friedman is trying to be like a combo, right? This is I think still my problem and why I am still “disappointed”.

I go back to what I said earlier. Isn’t my solution to not use the modeler but the heads into a load box, like the Ox or Two Note, and record that, while listening to it live in the room through the 4×12, so I get sound and feel as I would normally, but record the cab sim’d pure powered signal direct (optical) into the Apollo, with H9000 and AFX in back (FX loop) and in front (instrument jack) of the BE-50, respectively? Using the FAS for the front of amp pedals, and the H9000 for all the rest post gain FX loop? Ain’t that the best of all worlds here?