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Yeah, it gets kind of tight in there when you’re fully loaded.  And you have to account for the added length on the straights.  Right angle on EXP/CTL 1, that’s about it.  I had a pile of EBS insert cables here (STR TRS to 2 R/A TS).  KIND OF works for the Beebo patching.  Messy squeeze of hybrid of straight & right angle.

Excellent choice.  Add a myriad of new effects to the H90 arsenal, with a looper focus.  I looked into the Loupé some; amazing design.  Along those lines, I did try an Infinity (1) in the slots.  Also H9s; leaning in to its Looper & ‘micro-looping’ algorithms (just about all of them are capable of the latter).  Very good, especially the H9[s), but I wanted a bit more.

I decided to cover both of those with Beebo’s (somewhat flakey) Loopler, along with its potential for effects sound design.  I also like the idea of a versatile MIDI generator living right next door.  H90 + Mad Scientist FX Routing + LFOs, envelopes, step sequencers, …