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Thanks for the detailed reply! I did try several combinations of execution order and this was the one that seemed “closest” to working correctly, although I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the way VSig handles order of execution in feedback loops yet.

The shift register idea is cool and seems like a tidy way to at least ensure that a single object is responsible for creating the individual taps.

Yes I do think doing some tests on each object would be helpful, but as you said, some official help from Eventide on the best way to go about this (if it’s even possible) would be the best case and would save tons of time.

Thanks also for the heads up about unpredictable object behavior. I was a little worried about using the crossfade, but it seemed to be doing what it was supposed to. Since this is only a 1-pole filter, it wouldn’t be that noticeable if it was not tracking properly, so again probably something to test further.

I’m away from my studio over the next week but I’ll try some of this stuff when I can!