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Hi lhesse,

In both cases, export your list out of H9 Control. Connect your PitchFactor or H9 pedal to H9 Control. It’s easiest if you are on a desktop. In H9 Control go to your Preset Lists and click on the name of the list. Up top on the right, click on Menu, then click “Export preset list.” Export it to your desktop. With your H90 connected to the same computer, open H90 Control. On the bottom left, under the Playlist, the third icon serves to “Import List.” When you click on it you have two options, one of which is to import an H9 List; click that and select the H9 list you exported out of H9 Control. It will create a new User List on H90 that features the algorithm on your list paired with the THRU utility because H9 lists only have one algorithm.