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So I’m trying to jump from one bank to another with my MC6, instead of increment and decrement to the desired bank. (I don’t want to tap dance 10 time to get to bank 10)

The only way around this is to set up PC changes that correspond to the first Program in a Bank. So, to access Bank 3 you would send PC#4. To access Bank 10 you would send PC#28. Keep in mind this is going to load the sound, but if you’re doing this between songs, that’s okay. Otherwise, you could save those Programs in bypass mode to start, so when they are recalled they are in bypass mode until you activate.

Once I got to my bank, I thought I could chose the right program I’m looking for at that moment. Hence the bank cue or program cue questions.

Using the method outlined still works because if you recall the first program in a bank, you will see all three Programs on the pedal.