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Yes, I’m a sax player and using the H9000R in live shows (pop. rock, jazz). Besides delays, verbs, etc., I use the H9KR to emulate a sax section. Most of these are situations where I only have the key of the song in advance, so I’ve programmed the the most likely keys in advance, along with programming the chromatic preset in one of the harmonizer presets on the H9kR. I use a foot pedal to call these up, along with the needed delays, reverb settings. Some presets I use the diatonic scales, but for speed and trying to be ready for the unexpected in live situations, the chromatic scale option in the diatonic algos is very handy. Some gigs can have space limitations, so I thought it could be handy to also pick up an H90 if it had the chromatic scale in the same type of algos I use on the H9KR.

I’ve found the non-quantized option in the algos to work best for me for this.