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I need to be more precise: I did setup a direct routing (Analog IN 1 > Spdif 1 OUT H9K > Monitor SPDIF IN) and that in fact yields a minimum latency. The real issue is that the in parallel to recording I need to replay the output of Cubase and this works only via MADI to the H9K Spdif out, meaning I do have a parallel setup. My questions was therefore what the overall latency would be, roundabout, considering the ASIO one is known.

Regarding the DAW latency compensation for the External Fx in Cubase: the link to section in the manual is not very helpful. Basically it is saying that H9K latency is dependent on the number of algo blocks between IN and OUT on the FX chain – makes sense. Anyway, it is suggested to keep one Algo block in always in order to stabilize latency and that a dedicated DAW „mode“ is planned, which should take care of managing the dynamics of different number of Algos patched in (reminds me of a lot of promises around the H9K that never materialized). My problem is that when Cubase pings the H9K via Madi nothing seems to come back for it to measure it properly. I recall this was working on my old H8000 with Spdif flawlessly and still I dont have any clue if that is a Cubase issue or something wrong with the MADI implementation and integration on the expansion board on your end. Thx