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It’s possible, as is often the case, that I don’t understand something here but ….

I believe it clear that Polyphony provides one octave down and one octave up of chromatic harmony (and some more beyond that).  From the Polyphony factory documentation:

“The following parameters are available for both pitch A and B:

Shift: -2 Oct, -P12, -P11, -Oct, -M7, -m7, -M6, -m6, -P5, -Tri, -P4, -M3, -m3, -M2, -m2, Uni, m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, Tri, P5, m6, M6, m7, M7, Oct, P11, P12, 2 Oct”

Harmodulator offers very similar capabilities and the factory documentation for that calls it chromatic pitch shifting:

“HarModulator combines twin chromatic pitch shifters with modulation to deliver an extremely wide range of effects from the subtle to the insane. Chromatic pitch shifters allow you to set the pitch ratio of each of the voices in semi-tone intervals (12 steps per octave).”

Everyone seems to be raving about Polyphony so I can only guess that things like tracking are vastly improved vis a vis something like Harmodulator.

Hope that helps.


Does the H9000 have the Polyphony algo? What H9000 algo are you now using for chromatic pitch shifting?