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Hello, thanks for the reply.

1) Yes, holding User1 and left shift button, User1 and User2 LEDs are lit.

2) No USB hub. Have tried different inputs on both MAC and PC

3) Did a factory reset on the V1.00.00 MISHA. EDM did not find a connected device.

The curious thing is, at some point (last month), the process did work just fine for the one unit that I was able to update to the V1.00.04 firmware. So it’s as if the software is no longer working. Could that be? I downloaded the latest version. Is there a way to test the software? Is there an “old” version of the EDM you could send me to try? Might be a bug in this version? Or any way to load firmware via SD card?

The MISHA is receiving power from the computer USB port (stays on if I turn off the modular case while still connected to the computer) – so somehow power is coming over the USB cable at least indicating that it is connected to the USB. I don’t know if the MISHA is seen as a USB device over USB or not so don’t know if it is a communication/port thing. But like I said, Two MISHAs, two computers to test on…one software.

The first time was so easy, I was surprised to run into trouble.  Will the EDM “see” a connected device even if it has the latest firmware, or does it only “see” a device that is able to be updated? (doesn’t explain the one with the old firmware, but might explain why it doesn’t see the “updated” one) – grasping at straws! lol