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I understand what your saying. Just to clarify, I have been using unique preset names. I use my H90 in bank mode. There’s a specific delay preset, “echo”, that I use in many songs. Thus, there are many programs that are a combination of “echo” and another preset. The issue now is that if I want to change the parameters of “echo”, it means I want ‘echo” to have the same parameters across all the programs that use the “echo” preset. If this wasn’t my intent, I would absolutely use a different name for that preset because it wouldn’t be the same combination of algorithm and parameters. Instead, I end up with more than one “echo” preset and have to cycle through them all while going back and editing every program that contains “echo”. I would never intentionally want two different sets of parameters to have the same name. That wouldn’t make sense. Now if I want to create a new program using my current “echo” preset, I have to cycle through it and the other 4 old “echo” presets to find the right one. There has to be a better way. I’m honestly surprised the H90 will allow you to have multiple presets with the same name. Much like a PC won’t allow you to save two files of the same format with the exact same name. Otherwise you can’t tell them apart without going through one by one and opening them.