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One might think that since granulation is really just a matter of playing back multiple short segments of audio from a buffer, each with its own pitch, duration and amplitude envelope, thst a polyphonic Sampler module could be repurposed to become a granulator.

I would think that we’d be less interested in dropping existing soundfiles as source material, and more interested in using a real-time buffer to record into and play out of.  Why would we concentrate on creating a file based granulator when software does that so well – I’m of the opinion that we’d really want this to be based on a real-time buffer where we Write into and read from the buffer “simultaneously”

I have done some experimentation with using the Sampler modules as granulators whereby I would read into a buffer, stop the recording, and then play back short samples of audio from that buffer.
This approach holds some promise since the Sampler modules will easily play back multiple copies of audio from arbitrary points in a buffer, at arbitrary pitches and can apply an ADSR envelope to each sample (grain).
That said – creating a control mechanism in VSIG capable of triggering  and controlling the playback of many many samples at the same time,  each with its own start and end point, speed/pitch, envelope, is a daunting task at best. My attempts using the Sampler modules were challenging to say the very least – what became clear to me was that I was Simply trying to shoehorn the Sampler module into a role it just wasn’t designed for.

It became clear to me thst a dedicated GrainBuffer/GrainPlayer module was really the way to go.  Writing a module that can be run in VSIG is beyond my programming capabilities.  I have considered doing this in max/msp where such modules DO exist, and then porting this I’ve too run on the h9000 but that has some drawbacks as well, the largest of which is that it is the. Essentially a stand alone algorithm and can’t be reused by others In VSIG.

It strikes me thst Granulation is an effect time that Eventide  would excel at. It also seems to fit squarely in the creative/technological wheelhouse that Eventide has defined and been the market leader in through the years.  It’s the most “Eventide” type of effect I can think of: Time/buffer based processing, deals with pitch, near endless creative potential, capable of creating an enormous range of effects from one core concept/algorithm (everything from pad sounds to glitchy  delays to reverb like processing or even sample chopping effects) and (almost) nobody else is doing it in a real time processor format.

I can’t stress more how much I think this would be a great move.  Especially if we’re able to get this to run on the H90 as well (which I assume would. E entirely possible).  I can image a whole family of algorithms thst could come out of this, or one algorithm with such a wide range of capabilities that it could be used for many purposes.

clearly a strong advocate of this idea!