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I just got everything right. By the time I had all the settings right I had also turned off the amps effect loop on its footswitch – that’s what feeds loop 8 / path 2. So just before it worked I actually lost Path 2!

I also realised that User List 1 can be modified and took very little time to set 100 x program routings. The good thing is that some I left, some I split and some moved completely to the other path. I’m now enjoying tweaking the programs to learn the sounds before creating my own list.

There are some challenges further down the line. I like to change things on the fly and I realise that a footswitch for each path doesn’t help when both presets are in the same path. Switching on/off of presets will have to be done another way. Maybe using the 3 way switch I used with the Pitchfactor.

I’m using a MIDI Maestro to do the program selection (the ES-8 has enough to do) so this will be an amazing set up.