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Eventide Staff

Are you using auto-connect? I have found that this issue is usually due to auto-connect being on. What happens is you open the DAW project, Emote connects to the H9000 in about 5 seconds, and the state restore pop-up does not come up when you open the plug-in window after the connection has been made.

You can either open the plug-in window very quickly when you open the DAW project (not recommended) or you can turn auto-connect off. When you do this, you should first open Emote every time you open a new DAW project, then connect to the H9000, and you should reliably be able to use the state restore pop-up. I’ve been using the H9000 with multiple DAW projects recently and this has worked fine for me once I turned auto-connect off.

I understand that this is not the best workflow and we do hope to improve this, but I cannot provide a timeline for when this will be addressed.

Please try my suggestions above and let me know if that works.