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Eventide Staff

The H90 can be used in Insert Mode or Dual Routing Mode.

Insert Routing:

  • 1 main path using I/O 1-2
  • I/O 3 can be used as a mono insert
  • I/O 4 can be used as a mono insert
  • I/O 3-4 can be linked and used as 1 stereo insert
  • The inserts can be placed at various points in the main path’s signal chain

Dual Routing

  • 2 main paths
  • Path 1 = I/O 1-2
  • Path 2 = I/O 3-4

If you are using Dual Routing as we discussed earlier, then you cannot use the H90’s inserts because the I/O is being used for Path 2. Using the external switcher with the H90 in Dual Mode, it is probably simpler to think of the H90 as two individual stompboxes with no insert routing within the H90.