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      Can u guys help me with that:
      i have recently bought a strymon timeline, and i am waiting for my eventide h90. i still havent bought the boss es 5 (switcher)
      the plan is to use some of the loops of the boss for my overdrives in pre (the digitech freeqout i plan on not connecting in the loops and turn it on or off manually), and connect the strymon timeline and the eventide h90 on the post mode of the boss es5 (when the eventide preset will be using a reverb patch or a patch than needs to be in post and not pre)

      what i am wondering is….
      since the eventide can use 2 patches at the same time, lets say for example i want to use a reverb in patch A and a flanger in patch B and is able to assign those 2 patches differently (for example the reverb side to be post and the flanger to be pre
      what would be the settings that i would need to assign the eventide in the boss es 5 (pre or post ? ) or does it not even matter since those are already selected in the eventide settings ?
      what i am trying to ask is (cause i know i sound confusing) is there a way to assign the order of the pedals and also if they will be used pre or post with the help of a switcher when u use an eventide h90 (which already can do that on each own for the 2 seperate patches (2 patches within 1 preset) ?

      for example…. the loops used in the boss es5 would be something like: no1 pedal: boss sd1 in pre – no2 pedal: flanger from the eventide (1 of the the patches within the same preset of the h90) in pre and then no3 pedal: reverb from the eventide (the other patch that completes the preset of the h90) in post.
      in other words: what happens when i can assign those 2 patches of the h90 preset to be pre or post when i have to assign the whole pedal therefore the whole preset (both patches of the h90) in the boss es5 to be pre or post

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      Eventide Staff

      If you are using the H90 in Dual Mode, you can think of it as 2 separate processors: Path 1 = I/O 1-2 , Path 2 = I/O 3-4. Any combination of Presets can be placed on either path. If you are using it with a switcher that allows you to rearrange the order of the loops, then you could place Path 1 or Path 2 at different points of your signal path to be Pre or Post.

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        thanks for the reply…

        if i understand correctly….

        i have 4 inputs in the h90 and 4 outputs

        so i use input 1 and output 1 as the first loop going to my switcher

        and input 2 and output 2 as the second loop going to my switcher

        and the mode has to be in dual mode

        correct ?

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        Eventide Staff

        You’re welcome.

        In Dual Mode, the inputs and outputs are paired 1-2 and 3-4. You should use Input 1/ Output 1 for the first loop in the switcher, and Input 3 / Output 3 for the second loop.


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        so that would be


        Path 1: input 1 of h90 to send 1 of the switcher

        output 1 of h90 to return 1 of the switcher


        Path 2: input 3 of h90 to send 3 of the switcher

        output 3 of h90 to return 3 of the switcher

        is that right ?

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        Eventide Staff

        That’s correct.

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        thank u for ur really quick answers. that was really helpfull

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      Scott Hunter

      You should seriously consider a RJM 6X switcher.

      Matrix switching that allows reordering of loops.


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        what i had in mind is a boss es5 (which can also arrange the order of the loops and assign them to be pre or post and is way cheaper

        i ve already purchased a strymon timeline, which i am considering connecting to one of the two available pedal inserts in the H90 (so i can place it before one of the two paths which will be the reverb one used in post mode) and use the other path (patch/algorithm) of the H90 for something like pitch/chorus/flanger etc etc (used in pre)

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        Eventide Staff

        The H90 can be used in Insert Mode or Dual Routing Mode.

        Insert Routing:

        • 1 main path using I/O 1-2
        • I/O 3 can be used as a mono insert
        • I/O 4 can be used as a mono insert
        • I/O 3-4 can be linked and used as 1 stereo insert
        • The inserts can be placed at various points in the main path’s signal chain

        Dual Routing

        • 2 main paths
        • Path 1 = I/O 1-2
        • Path 2 = I/O 3-4

        If you are using Dual Routing as we discussed earlier, then you cannot use the H90’s inserts because the I/O is being used for Path 2. Using the external switcher with the H90 in Dual Mode, it is probably simpler to think of the H90 as two individual stompboxes with no insert routing within the H90.

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        so as it seems if i want 2 paths from my H90 i ll need 2 loops on my switcher

        therefore the strymon delay will have to use another loops on the switcher…

        so there goes 3 of the loops of the switcher + 1 more to connect  with the amps send and return to have the pre/post option on the switcher

        total 4 out of the 5 loopers of the switcher (i will have only 1 extra loop for an overdrive or something)

        now i think i may need the boss es8 to have 4 extra loops and not only 1 which i will with the boss es5

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        what if i used the H90 in dual mode as you suggested with my switcher,

        but in addition to that i wanted to use it for vocal fx in some patches.

        what would be the required connections/setup for that be


        for example. patch 1 could use 1 path for vocals and one for guitar

        patch 2 would use 2 paths for guitar

        patch 3 would use 2 paths for vocals

        etc etc….

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      Hi crustofsin
      I own an Musicomlab EFX LE II, and had hands on with the Boss ES-5.

      I would highly suggest you the EFX LE II, more features and same price. Never had any issues!

      Have fun with your upcoming rig!

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        thanks for the recommendation,

        is Musicom Lab Musicom Lab MKVI a better alternative if i want more loops ?

        i read EFX LE II has 4 mono loops and 2 stereo

        does this mean i can use the 2 stereos as mono and have 2 extra loops ? therefore 4+2=6

        and i will have to use 1 of those 6 to connect the looper with the amp (therefore i will have 5 loops for my pedals ?)

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      Worth noting in all of the discussions about loop switchers (so great that they can now reorder the effects – one of the killer features on the old Ibanez UE racks), is that most have only mono loops or (at best) combine loops for stereo. Maybe not important for everybody, but could be for some.

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        Yes – the MKVI would be great aswell. With the additional USB you dont need a Midiinterface to programm the thing – huge plus aswell.

        If you want to go the route with the EFX LE II you can use the VL Loop for your Amp, you have the option here to activate the ISO Transformer to get rid of ground loops. you would have 6 Loops still

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      You are right @cestlamort

      But with “intelligent” Midi Pedals you can overcome the stereo Loop Limits, and just turn them on/off with Midi CC.
      With this method you can save Loops, and still have the whole functionality.
      And if you want even more functionality you can add something like the Musicomlab Mixer after the Output of your Switcher.
      With this setup you emulate the old Racksound with the Wet FX in parallel routing.

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        am i able to assign every loop to be pre or post like the boss es 5/8 is ?


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      Yes you can =)

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        one more question cause i cant find the answer about it:

        i ve got a marshal jvm410jhs (the satriani version) which has midi

        this amp has 4 channels and within each channel there are 3 more channels…

        therefore it has 12 channels

        will i be able to switch to all of those with the looper through midi function

        is ur looper or the mkvi able to select 12 different amp channels or is there a restriction to the number of the channels for the amp ?

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      Both are capable of this kind of action.

      You got two options to use the amps functionality:

      First would be to program IA (Instant Access) Switches according to your different amp functions
      Second would be to assign a specific Program Change for a specific sound on your amp

      Since the amp has so many functions the best would be to test both options out.

      I’m happy to help you through Teams / Zoom for programming the Thing

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