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According to the AudioFuse Studio these insert points are not meant to act as I/O for your DAW. Rather, they’re for inserting processing after what’s connected at the input of the preamp. The manual states:

C6. Insert Section: These connectors let you “insert” external line-level devices such as compressors into the signal path after the AudioFuse Studio’s DiscretePro preamplifiers but before its analog-to-digital converters. To do this, you will need to use TRS “send/return” cables. If nothing is connected here, the DiscretePro preamp’s output is automatically sent to the digital converter.

In order to incorporate the H90 with Abelton, you’ll need to use the line outsputs of the interface to the pedal and from the pedal back into the inputs. Use two of them if you’re running in stereo. I recommend running the H90 in kill dry mode to eliminate any problems that may be caused by latency.