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      Kennie Chan

      Hi, I have questions for physical signal routing and setup in Ableton.

      I bought my H90 and wonder how to route my effect pedal to my Audiofuse Studio interface with Ableton Live 10.  My goal is to use the pedal integrate with my DAW so as my synths can use the effect unit.

      I have tried to connect the H90 with a Y cord split cable. TS Jack on input 1 and output 1 with Y Cord to a Stereo TRS Jack to my interface rear insert 1. I created a Return track on Ableton, audio to Ext.1/2

      But it does not seems to work.  Any solutions?

      Any Step by Step guide can provide?  much appreciated

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      Eventide Staff

      According to the AudioFuse Studio these insert points are not meant to act as I/O for your DAW. Rather, they’re for inserting processing after what’s connected at the input of the preamp. The manual states:

      C6. Insert Section: These connectors let you “insert” external line-level devices such as compressors into the signal path after the AudioFuse Studio’s DiscretePro preamplifiers but before its analog-to-digital converters. To do this, you will need to use TRS “send/return” cables. If nothing is connected here, the DiscretePro preamp’s output is automatically sent to the digital converter.

      In order to incorporate the H90 with Abelton, you’ll need to use the line outsputs of the interface to the pedal and from the pedal back into the inputs. Use two of them if you’re running in stereo. I recommend running the H90 in kill dry mode to eliminate any problems that may be caused by latency.

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      I am having the same problem. I have an Audiofuse Studio, as well. I connected the input of the H90 to the output of the interface and an input from my interface to the output of the H90. I use Ableton Live 11. Nothing happens. What other steps can I do in order for it work? I use TR cables. Is there something I have to do in the H90 and Ableton or both. I would appreciate a step by step procedure. Thanks

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