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If you follow these instructions, auto-connect should never be on and every time you open a DAW project you’ll need to open the Emote plug-in window. Emote should be in the Devices View and when you click “connect” you should see the state restore prompt. It is best practice to also save a copy of the H9000 session for each DAW project. The state restore is simply saved in the DAW, and saving the Session is a more reliable way to save/recall your settings.

I’ve said this before, but I’m going to reiterate: Both of these points would be considered show-stopper bugs in any other plugin. The user doesn’t–and shouldn’t–expect to have to open the GUI of a plugin to restore its state. Saving the state of a plugin in the DAW’s session is again what the user expects. They might save the state as a separate file if they intend to use the settings in other sessions or share them with someone else, but other than that the DAW session is where the plugin’s state is saved.

I realize that Emote is an unusual plugin in that it communicates with a complicated piece of external hardware, but these behaviors are–forgive my bluntness–defects in the product. Consider also that these behaviors are not present in other plugins which communicate with hardware, such as Universal Audio’s UAD products and the (now-orphaned) TC Electronic Powercore and Access Virus TI plugins.