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I pulled out the Ground Control for my other controller which is a Rocktron Midi Raider.I reinitialized that and checked all the settings. I am positive thats setup correctly as that one has been in my main rig for years so I am a lot more familiar with that over the Ground Control.


As far as the firmware for the H90 I did just that and downgraded to the earlier firmware and no luck.

The weird thing about when I programmed the switches was that I got 1 to 1 but 2 did not work at all. After that however it worked sequentially all the way up,but one number behind. I am out of ideas myself. All signs point to the H90 as I dont have any issues with ANY of my other units. The thing is it cant be hardware related and I’ve tried the firmware and factory resets. If it wasnt for the fact that I know I would get confused with it being 1 off and my other units line up I would just deal with it and move on. You havent had any complaints or issues about this other than me? I mean, this is just simple basic midi and I’m at a loss.